Sinks and Taps


There are several different types of sink that KBB Kitchens specialise in. It’s important to find the right sink according to the style and design of your kitchen with designs varying between traditional and modern.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel sink is the most popular type of kitchen sink. It’s highly versatile in that it matches virtually any type of kitchen style and design, modern and traditional. It is also very affordable with prices starting low. Due to its durability it is very scratch resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel sinks tend to be top mounted or drop in: a hole is cut and the sink is dropped from above.

Ceramic kitchen

This is a traditional kitchen sink that is suited to cottages and rustic environments. It is notable for having a silky surface and is very striking to look at whilst being easy to maintain. It is resistant to heat and stains.

Composite kitchen sink

The composite kitchen sink is made up of a combination of different materials. It looks like a granite sink but is more cost effective. It combines granite stone dust with acrylic resins to create a very strong finish. It is extremely durable: resistant to heat, stains and scratches and can withstand very high temperatures. There is a variety of different styles and colours available making this particular sink a very versatile and strong option.

Undermount sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks mount underneath the kitchen worktop with the lip directly underneath the surface of the countertop. This allows for a greater feeling of space, whilst being very deep.


KBB specialise in various different types of taps. It’s important to find the right design of tap according to the style and size of your kitchen. Here are the different designs that we do:

Pillar Taps

The standard and most common type of tap. One is hot and the other is cold. It’s available with different shaped handles: cross and lever. They are reasonably priced and are easy to install.

One handle

Also known as a single lever tap. They tend to be suitable for smaller kitchens where there is a restriction of space. They are also modern in design so are ideal for a kitchen that is contemporary. There are top and side levers available.

Two handles

Also known as a twin lever tap. They can be twin lever, cross or knob shaped. They can turn a quarter, half or full turn.

Monoblac taps

They have a single spout and be turned on by one or two handles. A versatile option for people who want something more elaborate than a basic tap. They can also be fitted to a worktop directly.

Deck/bridge mixer taps

The deck mixer tap has two tap holes and one spout. The bridge mixer tap is the same except that the spout is raised above the surface.

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