This page includes information on the different types of worktops that KBB Kitchens offer including: Minerva, Duropal, Pietra, Getalit and Bushboard.


Minerva work surfaces are a stylish and durable range of solid surfaces from sylmar, seamless joints and a silky smooth finish. They are functional and beautiful, resistant to heat and dust, dirt and bacteria and easy to clean. They are cost effective and simple to install, being solid all the way through with no chipboards or other sub frames present, also making them stain resistant. The surface is non porous which means they are very hygienic.


Duropal worktops are well known for offering high quality across a range of different decorative finishes. They are created using a core of sustainable composite wooden practice boards that have a decorative laminate top bonded to it with high heat and pressure. This process forms a laminate white stone work surface that is resistant to scratches and water. Laminate countertops are easy to clean, low maintenance and versatile. They can be supplied with a number of complementary accessories to help it fit seamlessly into your kitchen, offering an alternative to acrylic based granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price.


Pietra worktops are flexible and adaptable. A natural stone fine grained rock with a grey to light brown background and consistent pattern throughput it’s surface. They come in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses and finishes include aged, Bush hammered, sandblasted and tumbled. This includes dots in darker and lighter brownish tones which are a characteristic of this elegant worktop. They work extremely well as a match and mix element in combination by bringing the beauty of natural stone to interior or exterior surroundings.


Getalit worktops are known for being glossy or polished which creates an attractive appearance full of light. They distinguish themselves via their ambitious quality features. Getalit is a top quality high pressure laminate with outstanding properties, especially resistant to stains and scratches and offers security on a high level.


Bushboard worktops are extremely versatile. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, suitable for traditional, contemporary and modern interiors design ideas. They come in 22mm finishes which makes them very durable. The wood effect means that they are extremely authentic looking.

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